Happen No 1/2013
'Barnlight Engadin'
by Loris&Livia – CH/GB

For the Neu/Vertraut project, Happen mediated a collaboration between Loris&Livia and the local carpenter Beat Fried who produced a first series of Barnlights in Arven wood (Swiss stone pine), a wood that is inherent to the Engadin culture.

Loris&Livia’s lamp is inspired by the traditional barn lights. The light consists of a bulb stuck to a dish – unpretentious and with an almost naive presence.

Barnlight Engadin (large): 380 x 150 mm
(incl. lamp holder and bulb)

Barnlight Engadin (small): 190 x 80 mm
(incl. lamp holder and bulb)

Solid Swiss stone pine

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Barnlight Engadin (large), Loris&Livia

Barnlight Engadin (small), Loris&Livia