Aurelie Dellasanta
'Cleanliness is next to godliness'

Aurelie comes from the French-Swiss border, and first came to Hackney a few months ago when she began working in a local studio. Previously a jewellery designer, she now makes audio-visual installations about public interaction. Having exhibited a related installation with the same title earlier this year, she here adapts her materials of gold leaf and soap to relate to the style and function of the launderette, casting shapes in laundry detergent and contrasting precious, glamorous gold with the utilitarian nature of the space. “I wanted to play with the mechanised atmosphere of a launderette, where humans don’t have a big role, so I incorporated symbolic objects with associations that are usually very removed from the automatic way that people perform their daily chores like washing.”

10 Stoke Newington Road

Hayri Ergisi and his wife have been running the launderette here for 15 years. Originally Kurdish, he came to the UK 22 years ago. His daughter Eli is studying law and sometimes works in the shop. He feels that business for him has decreased over the past 5 years but says that in general the area is improving and now has a good atmosphere because there are more cafes, bars and restaurants than there used to be. “There are also more barber shops.” he adds.