Post Tirolo by Martino Gamper (Photography: Daniel Martinek)

Maister Struozch by Aita Bott (Photography: Daniel Martinek)


Tête à tête
New design in historic living rooms
Engadiner Museum St. Moritz

With Anton Alvarez, Aita Bott, breadedEscalope, Martino Gamper, Florian Hauswirth, Claire-Anne O’Brien

Tête à tête – new design in historic living rooms’ is a collaboration between the Engadin Museum in St.Moritz and Happen Projects. Thirteen adapted Stabellen chairs – previously shown in the exhibition ‘Neu/Vertraut’ enter into a dialogue with the historical interiors and the museum’s collection of Stabellen chairs.

Happen Projects produced an exhibition booklet in collaboration with the Engadine Museum. The booklet features the collection of the adapted Stabellen chairs as well as a selection of historical examples with a text contribution by design journalist Susanna Koeberle: ‘Design as interface – a new dialogue with references’.

Digital exhibition booklet here