Design Gallery

Hello Today
Gallery Soon, Zurich
10–20 November, 2016

Giovanna Lisignoli has collaborated with Contemporary Design Gallery Helmrinderknecht for Hello Today. The group exhibition unites a selection of current works by Swiss designers whose individual approaches reflect the year 2016. A focused view at the local stage and its internationally active protagonists in the mirror of vision, material, form and practice.

With works by:
Stéphanie Baechler, Dimitri Bähler, Erich Biehle, Jörg Boner, Carlo Clopath, Frédéric Dedelley, Christoph Hefti, Nicolas Le Moigne, Loris&Livia, Sebastian Marbacher, Arno Mathies

What does it mean to design ‘today’? Operating in today’s challenging economical conditions and societal developments requires the willingness to act, participate and strive for change. The title of the exhibition ‘Hello Today’ points towards possible interpretations of how we can make sense of the fleeting present. At the same time it attempts to acknowledge the transient nature of the ‘now’ as the place where the past and the future meet and coexist.

The works selected for the exhibition ‘Hello Today’ reflect design approaches developed in the course of 2016 by a group of eleven Swiss contemporary designers. Each object makes ‘today’ visible through conceptual, in part critical, but also playful exploration of the circumstances driving the development, production and perception of contemporary design. To reflect upon these multi-layered perspectives, the exhibition unites works at the intersection between diverse design contexts. Ranging from the unique, experimental and artistic to the self-produced and industrial, common to all is the continuous and active engagement with the ‘now’ and the affinity to identify its relevance and permanence.