Magnify the Origin
– Adrien Rovero

Duran glass, aspherical lenses, polished and coated glass, volcanic rocks, enamel

In collaboration with:
Schott Suisse SA, Yverdon

Adrien Rovero looks at utopia as a process of sighting. His approach builds on our ability to discover the magnitude of stimuli hidden within our immediate surroundings. He considers utopia a question of perspective, one that hinges around our ability to perceive and look at the world around us. If we aim for future visioning, then the everyday is the place to start.

Adrian Rovero has explored precision optical components intended for applications such as optics, metrology, sensors, lasers and medical engineering, and has created a series of conceptual arrangements combining glass and lava stone – two seemingly different manifestations of minerals whose state has been transformed by heat. By means of reflection, enlargement and illumination, the artefacts are turned into a series of metaphorical tools to reinvigorate curiosity, prompting us to uncover what is present, but perhaps invisible.

Photography: Paola Caputo