It's time to leave the capsule, if you dare
– Jörg Boner

LED, moulded flax fabric, 300 gsm

In collaboration with:
Bcomp Ltd, Fribourg

Jörg Boner investigates design-inspired solutions that arise from advances in technology that are becoming increasingly formless and at the same time more powerful. The effective design of these technological tools does not just consider how they work, but rather how they take into account a broad range of issues, including a future where the concept of waste is outmoded. Jörg Boner has engaged with latest developments in plant-based, renewable materials to align their properties with sustainable electronic components.

‘It’s time to leave the capsule, if you dare’ combines flax and natural resin with LED technology. With its familiar archetypical shape and organic skin-like surface, the object assumes the appearance of a universal protective form. An ancient renewable material becomes a carrier for a recently developed light technology. The proposition mediates between dematerialisation and performance, demonstrating the potential for synergy between ‘neutral’ and renewable sources, and energy efficient technology.

Photography: Paola Caputo