Imaginary Fabric
– Sibylle Stoeckli

100 % European linen, 100 % cotton thread. Details: Embroidered buttonhole pattern, buttonhole size 18 mm, fabric width 155 cm

In collaboration with:
Saurer Embroidery AG, Arbon

Acknowledging the proposition that human creativity is one of our most precious attributes, Sibylle Stoeckli envisions a utopia that brings about a new dynamic in the relationship between the hand and the machine- made. In her investigation, she looks at the tradition of embroidery in the context of highly efficient embroidery production systems, focusing on the polarity between democratisation of embroidery and the resulting alienation from autonomous, creative processes.

Sibylle Stoeckli has designed a fabric with an irregularly positioned, machine embroidered, cross-shaped buttonhole pattern, which can be used according to individual requirements. The simple, universal buttonhole becomes a multi-layered metaphor: on the one hand for the endless possibilities which its “neutrality” suggests, on the other for a place where opposites can meet. The fabric becomes a tool for individual appropriation aimed at stimulating our ability to imagine and create.

Photography: Paola Caputo