Le Sound a Disparu
– Kueng Caputo,
Sarah Kueng & Lovis Caputo

Meteorite, cast hydraulic bound gypsum, pigments
Architectural elements, cast hydraulic bound gypsum

In collaboration with:
de Cavis, Dübendorf

At a time when we should ponder our consumption of resources, it seems reasonable to consider how material could be stretched further in the future. Sarah Kueng and Lovis Caputo have explored this concept by investigating hydraulic bound materials for industrial applications and adopting the idea of stretching materials with air. Based on the notion that plaster ‘stretched’ with air only uses 7% of source material without affecting its basic properties, but considerably reducing its weight, tantalising new perspectives for collaboration between the worlds of scientific research and the everyday arise.

With ‘Le Sound a Disparu’, the design duo challenge the embedded preconception of everyday materials and propose a modular system of elements with which to adjust architectural qualities and improve often disregarded acoustic properties of public and social spaces.