Bench No.2
Dominic Plueer & Olivier Smitt

Steel, zirconium oxide applied through thermal spraying

In collaboration with:
Nova Werke AG, Effretikon

PlueerSmitt approach the notion of utopia by examining how an object’s presence is perceived through the depth and material properties of the outer layer. Fascinated by the particular haptic and optical manifestation of zirconium oxide, a technical ceramic used for both industrial surface-enhancing ‘nano’ coatings and organic tissue replacement for teeth or bones, the designers probe the material’s protective and life-prolonging properties against the ordinariness of familiar objects.

Bench No.2 consists of a steel skeleton, which serves as a vehicle for the typically concealed ceramic-like material to be exposed. By way of displacement, the material’s primary function of durability is turned into an interface for human interaction, drawing attention to the optical and textural quality of the surface as connective membrane.


Photography: Paola Caputo