Hyper Modular
Dimitri Bähler & 'Mouvement',
Mathieu Rivier

Carbon, LED programmed mechanics

In collaboration with:
NTPT North Thin Ply Technology, Renens & support from Simpex Electronic AG, Wetzikon

Contemplating a future where everyday objects will be participative, upgradable, partly designed and partly assembled with finished or semi-finished components, designer Dimitri Bähler collaborates with developer Mathieu Rivier from Mouvement to explore an idea of utopia that moves between dematerialisation, intuition and a symbiosis between technology and nature.

Hyper Modular is a luminous profile pushing the limits of assemblage technology of carbon, LED and micro mechanics. The minimal use of materials, combined with the light’s flexible qualities, goes beyond known codes of modularity, envisioning future behaviours of objects we interact with daily. The almost invisible design of the light becomes an intuitive tool with which to design.

Photography: Paola Caputo