Temporary Design Gallery


Alpine works and design
in dialogue

The Neu/Vertraut project instigated a series of encounters between local tradition and international design. The project took  residency in a former workshop in St. Moritz, which was transformed into a temporary exhibition space and a platform for exchange between regional culture and contemporary design.

The exhibition project’s point of departure was the stabelle—an archetypical alpine chair that has been in use in the Engadine for generations. In spite of the chair’s unchanged construction manner, the stabelle – often customised with detailed and highly individual craft processes – reflects narratives of alpine culture, thus alluding to multi-layered approaches in contemporary design practices. Happen invited a group of emerging international designers to interpret the archetypical chair with the aim to reflect upon notions of authenticity, craftmanship, uniqueness through forward-looking design approaches. The individual ‘stabellen’ interpretations readdressed the shared space between the basic and the exclusive, the expected and surprising, the rural and urban.

Stabellen interventions:
Anton Alvarez (SE,CL), Aita Bott (CH), Breaded Escalope (AT), Martino Gamper (IT), Florian Hauswirth (CH), and Claire-Anne O’Brien (IR)

Selected works by:
Pia Wuestenberg, Daniel & Emma, Loris & Liva,  Madlaina Lyss, and Thomas Lampert, Kueng Caputo

Installation design:
Kueng Caputo


Casta & Corda green and grey (Photography by Filip Zuan)

Light Chair Metamorphosis 2 (Photo by Daniel Martinek)

Martino Gamper, Post Tirolo #2